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  • FibreLok®
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Sustainable packaging from the inside out.

From field to market, farmers, producers and retailers can take advantage of KapStone’s FibreLok technology as they drive value and efficiency throughout their packaging value stream. Strong and recyclable, our industry leading wax alternative solutions provide the natural choice for performance packaging with tangible end of life value.

Traditionally, wax has been the only solution for preserving packaging strength in wet and high humidity environments. With FibreLok, KapStone has set a new standard in renewable packaging that removes the need for wax while resulting in fully recyclable packaging options.

Delivering both performance and value, FibreLok mediums and liners greatly reduce the absorption of free water and water vapor in wet and humid environments.

Ideal for End Uses Including:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Meat and seafood


  • Recyclable alternative to wax impregnation
  • Full range of basis weight
  • SFI® and PEFCTM Chain of Custody certified

Product Line

  • FibreLok Liner
  • FibreLok Medium

FibreLok liner has been specifically engineered to resist moisture. It is available in a wide range of standard Mullen and high compression linerboard grade with basis weights covering a full spectrum of end uses applications. A flexible solution, FibreLok liner can be combined with other paper grades to create specialty packaging solutions that meet specific customer needs.

FiberLok Liner

FibreLok medium is a water-resistant and recyclable corrugating medium. It is designed to be a competitive replacement for wax impregnated medium. It is available in a wide range of grades and basis weights. A flexible solution, FibreLok medium can be combined with linerboard grades to create specialty packaging solutions that meet specific customer needs.

FibreLok Medium


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