Recycled Containerboard

Product Line

  • Recycled Containerboard

Complementing KapStone’s full suite of containerboard grades, our recycled liners and mediums are the ideal option for customers that have a preference for recycled content in their packaging. By recycling old corrugated containers (OCC) and double-lined kraft (DLK) clippings, our containerboard is manufactured with a dual focus on variability reduction and uniform profiles resulting in consistent and reliable packaging performance from the corrugator to the finished box.

With a keen eye on environmental stewardship, our mill in Cowpens, SC, utilizes state of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques. In addition to using recycled fibers, the mill’s process water is also recycled using a unique, closed loop, water recovery system. This ensures that no process water is discharged into any stream, rivers or municipal sewers and has given the Cowpens mill recognition as “one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world” by Paper360.

All of our recycled containerboard grades hold SFI®, PEFCTM, and FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

Product Applications:

  • Corrugated Containers
  • Single-face Corrugated Sheets & Rolls
  • Interior & Protective Packaging
  • Corrugated Clamshell and Foodservice Packaging

Product Line

  • Recycled Linerboard
  • Recycled Medium

Available in both standard Mullen and high compression grades, our recycled linerboard provides customers with a high quality print surface, uniform profiles and reliable convertibility.

  • 100% recycled fiber furnish
  • High quality, low lint print surface
  • Basis weights from 23 lb to 40 lb on a 1,000 square foot basis
  • Standard Mullen and high compression grades
Recycled Liner

A clean appearance and uniform profiles makes our recycled corrugating medium an excellent choice for today’s high speed corrugators. It can be reliably combined with either high performance or recycled liners depending on customer needs and packaging end use.

  • 100% recycled fiber furnish
  • Reliable and consistent converting performance
  • Basis weights from 23 lb to 40 lb on a 1,000 square foot basis
Recycled Medium b


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